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Charlotte Kerner

Charlotte Kerner

Charlotte Kerner, born in 1950, lives and works as a freelance journalist and author in Lübeck. She works as a freelance writer for GEO-Wissen, DIE ZEIT and EMMA. Beltz & Gelberg has published many of her books, including the noves »Geboren 1999«, »Blueprint« (winner of the German Youth Literature Prize) , »Jane Reloaded« . In addition, she has published many outstanding biographies on Maria Sybilla Merian, Lise Meitner and Hildegard von Bingen and most recently Die Fantastischen 6/The Fantastic 6. In her Mao biography, she was able to tie in her personal experiences in the “Middle Kingdom” as an exchange student shortly after the Cultural Revolution 1977-78 and then a generation later in 2012, after the opening of the People’s Republic of China.

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