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In the pirates’ realm

The Heart of Libertalia

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Anna Kuschnarowa

The Heart of Libertalia

2nd ed. published 2015. 461 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

The Heart of Libertalia

A fulmanent historical novel about the longing for unlimited freedom. Powerfully eloquent, vivid and irresistible.

Ireland, 1690: Anne Bonny is born as a bastard and is raised by her father as a boy. The male clothing provides certain benefits, yet Anne wants to be herself. As a young woman, she is considered the “most attractive and provocative beauty” of all Charleston. But “marry one of these sweet talkers”? Never! Anne’s longing for freedom is too great, her dream of a wild life in the legendary pirates’ realm “Libertalia” too strong. Anne’s heart beats for the pirate captain, James Bonny – they elope and together go on a brutal raid through the Caribbean...

“And this pirate captain is a real scoundrel, alas, but a fair one. And he is a woman, and she is me. “