There is no paradise in hell...

Djihad Paradise

Anna Kuschnarowa

Djihad Paradise

6th ed. published 2020. 416 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Djihad Paradise

A fascinating and, at the same time, a disturbing novel about love and life shattered by radical religious delusion.

Berlin - Julian Engelmann, alias Abdel Jabbar Shahid, enters a shopping mall. He is wearing an explosive belt and is ready to destroy not just himself, but also the dirty “Kaffirs” ( the unbelievers). Just then someone calls his name. He stops for a moment and thinks Julia, his great love in the time before he went off to the terrorist camp and why, at some point, Julia turned away from him. Yet Julian is convinced of the rightness of his divine mission. Or isn’t he? It is too late for doubts...

“A fast-paced adolescent novel about seduction and disillusionment.” The best 7 books for young readers, German Radio about “Junk Girl”.

“You want to be different from the others? There’s no place where you can be more different than here. That’s the most radical, the most different in comparison with everything that we have known until now.”

• a controversial and current subject: Islamism
• narrated from two perspectives
• a novel about love that is destroyed by religious delusion