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Animals and humans throughout the year

My Four Seasons - 100% Natural book

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Katrin Wiehle

My Four Seasons - 100% Natural book

Artwork by Katrin Wiehle

3rd ed. published 2017. 16 pages From the age of 3 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

My Four Seasons - 100% Natural book

With fabulous illustrations and endearing characters, this book tells about what animals and people do in the various seasons.

With the first spring green, the birds begin to build their nests and rubber boots are great for stomping in the mud. It finally starts to get really warm and everyone meets at the lake to go swimming or eat ice cream – summer has arrived! In the fall, the birds start to migrate, the hedgehog looks for a place to hibernate and the squirrel hides its nuts. And when winter comes, we dress warmly and then go out to build a snowman or go ice-skating!