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Behavioral Therapy in Practice

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Behavioral Therapy in Practice

Issued by Eva-Lotta Brakemeier / Frank Jacobi

1st ed. published 2017. 1009 pages All rights available


Behavioral Therapy in Practice

• introduction to behavioral therapy
• based closely on everyday therapeutic life
• comprehensive: 79 chapters

The book has more than 900 pages in which the basic interventions and concrete therapeutic approaches are described. Basic principles, basic techniques, the latest developments in behavioral therapy, interventions and mental disorders (classified according to ICD-10) are all described in detail. In addition, there is also a section on how to build up the therapeutic relationship.

Numerous case studies and therapy dialogues are used to demonstrate the concrete procedure. Each chapter looks at the typical difficulties and their solutions, gives tips, deals with frequently asked questions and answers as well as suggesting further literature.

The comprehensive textbook and DVD from the Beltz video course series provide trainee psychotherapists and psychotherapists at the beginning of their professional work with the tools they need to practice behavioral therapy.

The editors, professors at the Psychological Institute of Berlin and the University of Marburg, follow the guiding principles a ‘scientific practitioner’ would use: scientifically proven methods are put directly into practice. A number of well-known authors present empirically based methods (including the new integrative techniques of behavioral therapy). At the same time, a variety of case studies and video clips are used to illustrate behavioral therapy in practice.


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