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Winner of the Peter Härtling Prize 2015!

2 1/2 Ghosts

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Regina Dürig

2 1/2 Ghosts

1st ed. published 2017. 139 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Gulliver von Beltz & Gelberg

2 1/2 Ghosts

Jonna is fascinated by Leo with the red cowboy boots. He might be 19 already and a university student. She has no idea where he’s from or where he lives. He lodges himself in her father’s printing shop in the back of their building and is not about to go away. And what seems so cool to Jonna at first, slowly begins to feel quite spooky...

»The story by the writer Regina Dürig, whose debut Katertag won several prizes, stands out with its eloquent language and the gentle narrative. By describing Leo as an unforgettable character, whose detachment is obvious, she is able to avoid an analysis and thus lets readers’ imaginations run free. Together with the main figure, Jonna, we ask ourselves which story Leo is carrying around with him. We feel attracted by his apparent independence or frightened by his ghostly foreignness. In doing so, the author skillfully plays with world literary motifs and always maintains a fully independent narrative style. « Explanation of the jury for the Peter Härtling Prize