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The Beauty and the Jellyfish

The Dance of the Deepsea Jellyfish

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Stefanie Höfler

The Dance of the Deepsea Jellyfish

5th ed. published 2018. 190 pages From the age of 12 years up Rights sold: France

Beltz & Gelberg

The Dance of the Deepsea Jellyfish

Nico, the fat one, the jellyfish, likes to beam himself into different worlds. On the class field trip, however, he actually saves Sera, who looks like an Egyptian queen, from being groped. Sera’s courage at asking him to dance is crazy and leads to a real emergency adventure. The two flee and experience an amazing evening that ends by stealing ice-cream from the gas station. It is the beginning of a friendship between two 13-year-olds who could hardly be more opposite, but who both were courageous at a decisive moment and are ready to face new things. A very moving story, subtly observed, and told in a light, humorous style.

»It’s not particularly amusing to be fat, but it doesn’t mean that everything you experience isn’t funny.«