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No need to be afraid of lions – definitely not in the bathroom!

Lions Don’t Scare Me!

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Heinz Janisch / Katja Gehrmann

Lions Don’t Scare Me!

1st ed. published 2017. 40 pages From the age of 4 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

Lions Don’t Scare Me!

It is just impossible for Lina to go to the bathroom. Papa has to understand that. Behind the door there is a hole, and she could fall into it! And there is a monster sitting next to it! Not only that, there is also an owl that might wake up. And a whole family of rabbits, a waterfall, birds, butterflies... and a lion!
Heinz Janisch wonderfully describes how clever children can be when it comes to describing their fears in images and how they overcome them.