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The revenge of the crows

The Scary Crow at the Lake

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Martina Wildner

The Scary Crow at the Lake

Artwork by Anke Kuhl

1st ed. published 2017. 224 pages From the age of 11 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

The Scary Crow at the Lake

There is something strange going on here, in Deutenhausen, the eerie village in Bavaria. The crows from the reservoir suddenly attack Ida’s grandma! Hendrik and his little brother, Eddie, run to help Ida, but Eddie is also a victim of the crows. It’s as if a terrible curse were on the green-blue shimmering lake that flooded what used to be three villages. Does that man who is always muttering about the gods have anything to do with this? Is it nature’s revenge? A wonderfully eerie novel about superstition, irrationality and dark family secrets.