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The somewhat different odyssey to happiness


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Nikolaus Heidelbach


Artwork by Nikolaus Heidelbach

1st ed. published 2017. 44 pages From the age of 5 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg


Before the little chimney man can fulfil his mission as a mojo, he has to overcome many obstacles on his long journey. He escapes from a greedy chameleon and some nastly little girls who have no sense for lucky charms, and he even has to find his way out of a jar of jam. Lastly he follows a hunch and ends up in Cologne, where the holy wooden cow gives him a decisive hint. Hidden in a bouquet of flowers, the lucky charm finally arrives at his destination – at the home of the baby named Leonard Faust.
An entchanting fairy tale about a stubborn guardian angel by one of the best illustrators of our time.