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The summer that changes everything

Raven Summer

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Elisabeth Steinkellner

Raven Summer

1st ed. published 2017. 208 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Gulliver von Beltz & Gelberg

Raven Summer

Juli, Ronja, Niels and August. Four friends and the last summer together before they all go off in different directions. The longing for the life that lies ahead of them is great, yet it there is also uncertainty. The farewell of childhood coming to a close and a wonderfully poetic coming of age novel.

They have been best friends for years and done almost everything together – just like ravens. Now, after finishing high school, each one has to decide how things will continue. The first-person narrator, Juli, decides to go to university, yet before she starts, everythinng changes. Niels, who she has been dating for one year, suddenly breaks up with her. August reveals his very special secret. And Ronja goes to London. Juli is left alone to sort out her life, which seems to her like a pile of small pieces.

»Elisabeth Steinkellner leaves room for the contradictory feelings that Juli is continuously confronted with. The reader is amazed, perplexed, tumbles with Juli breath for breath into the intangible future and Steinkellner precisely observes and finds corresponding, sometimes surprising images.« An excerpt from the Jury's explanation for the Hans im Glück-Preis 2014

»The night is windy, but warm. The warm nightwind is deceitful. The cats disappear into the bushes because they are suspicious of the strange atmosphere. Something is brewing, they perhaps think, something is going to happen tonight, the world is going to get upturned, and the hairs on their backs stand up... But it doesn't all really matter, for Ronja kisses me, and it is wonderful to kiss her back. Her tongue tastes like chocolate or licorice and moves to the rhythm of a song that is probably going through her head. «