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My Way, Your Way

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Labor Ateliergemeinschaft

My Way, Your Way

2nd ed. published 2018. 176 pages From the age of 9 years up Rights sold: Korea

Beltz & Gelberg

My Way, Your Way

What is actually normal? To eat just plain noodles? To have friends? Or not? To live on a farm and smell like cows? Or in the city? With your parents? Or without them?
Sooner or later each child poses the question: Am I different? And is it okay the way it is? Or is it perfectly normal to be like I am? This book, by the studio cooperation Labor, offers abnormally many answers to such questions and stimulates children to confront their reality. Exciting, encouraging and thought-provoking, amusing and less amusing pictures, comics, texts and stories instill the courage to think differently and to be the way one is – just special!