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An incredible amount of money, an explosive ménage à trois and a few witnesses too many...

Those Who Dream, Lose

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Stephan Knösel

Those Who Dream, Lose

8th ed. published 2019. 269 pages From the age of 13 years up All rights available

Gulliver von Beltz & Gelberg

Those Who Dream, Lose

Imagine stumbling across four million euros! Only too bad that you are not the only one who is keen on it. How far would you go to get the jackpot?

The brothers Chris and Phil are up to their necks in hot water – their mother is dead, their father out somewhere boozing and their flat will soon no longer be theirs. Then Chris observes how a car crashes against a tree. There is a mysterious girl with a bag full of money in the trunk. Jackpot! Chris does what has to be done – and soon has not only the police after him... Sabrina, the mysterious girl, turns the boys’ heads and tells them incredible stories. Can Chris and Paul trust her? They don’t have much time to ponder on things, for a few roughnecks from the east side of town get wind of the money. They, however, are a piece of cake compared to the man who was in the car with Sabrina. He has nothing more to lose – and is willing to kill for his jackpot.

Told in a thrilling manner and full of action!