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Fight like an eagle!

Hanna and the Eagle‘s Flight

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Christine Stahr

Hanna and the Eagle‘s Flight

Artwork by Laura Rosendorfer

new 1st ed. published 2020. 96 pages From the age of 9 years up All rights available

Gulliver von Beltz & Gelberg

Hanna and the Eagle‘s Flight

Hanna has one huge goal – to make it to the state championships in karate! Yet since she started practicing with Sophia, things just haven’t been going well. Sophia is fast and as cunning as a snake – not only on the mats. Is this situation really going to ruin all her dreams of the championship? Oma India says that Hanna only has to find her magical, lucky animal. That is the craziest thing Hanna has every heard of! But one day she finds some eagle feathers in her sports bag, then something surprising happens.