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»Those who listen to Richard Wagner’s music find themselves transported to a universe of art. They need to let it encompass them, putting their prejudices and view of the world aside.« Axel Brüggemann

Genius and Mania – The Life Story of Richard Wagner

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Axel Brüggemann

Genius and Mania – The Life Story of Richard Wagner

1st ed. published 2013. 240 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

Genius and Mania – The Life Story of Richard Wagner

Richard Wagner (1813-1883) is still one of the most controversial Germans, even today, almost 200 years after his birth. The publisher and Wagner-expert, Axel Brüggemann, creates a furious and very contemporary picture of a megalomaniac and brilliant composer who wanted to change the world – and above all, music.

His works are so huge and contradictory, that many wanted to call him their own – democrats, communists, fascists. There has rarely been anyone that better embodies German history in one person. He joined the protests in 1848, fled into exile and finally served the fairy tale king, Ludwig II. He was a humanist and ego-maniac, anti-Semite and friend of Jews, chauvanist and lover of women, a philosopher and a private dictator. He unconditionally followed this idea of making music for a new era – a complete work of art consisting of music, lyrics and images – revolutionized music history. His works are still so modern that they were chosen for soundtracks to movies such as »Apocalypse Now«, »Matrix« and »Melancholia«. This biography provides readers with an encompassing overview of his eccentric life and his work, which are inseparably interwoven.
• 200th birthday in May 2013
• An introduction to his life, music history and philosophical aspects