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Up and away: the 5th ultimative coup by the art studio “Labor”

Children’s Artists’ Travel Book

Labor Ateliergemeinschaft

Children’s Artists’ Travel Book

4th ed. published 2018. 222 pages From the age of 6 years up Rights sold: Korea, Netherlands

Beltz & Gelberg

Children’s Artists’ Travel Book

The doodle books of the studio cooperative LABOR are definitely cult. High time for the ulimative, coolest, doodliest, most creative universal CHILDREN’S ARTISTS’ TRAVEL BOOK for all children ages 6+. There is no way to travel better & fill out better lists & doodle & write a diary! With two-colour travel diary for approximately 100 days of vacation.

It’s time to hit the road with the 5th original CHILDREN’S ARTISTS’ BOOK - a book that is the best when it has been filled out during vacation in the Taunus, on Honolulu, in the spring, summer, fall or winter – then it truly turns into a book of memories. With checklists before leaving and after returning, 160 genially creative doodle book pages and a travel diary with four postcards on the inner flaps. All in all an “all-around carefree package” for happy children and happy parents, making vacation time truly relaxing!

The press on the doodle books
»A cornucopia of creative, inspiring ideas for playing, drawing and writing, so that one would love to start right away.« Badische Zeitung