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The fourth ultimate coup from LABOR

My Children’s Artists’ Friendship Book

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Labor Ateliergemeinschaft

My Children’s Artists’ Friendship Book

12th ed. published 2020. 112 pages From the age of 6 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

My Children’s Artists’ Friendship Book

The CHILDRENS’ ARTIST BOOKS are cult. Friendship books are, too. High time for the ultimately most wonderful, doodley, creative friendship book ever – the CHILDREN’S ARTISTS’ FRIENDSHIP BOOK. You can never have enough friends!

Enough space for 40 friends to answer amusing and serious questions like, “My name is _____ – _____ is what I’d like it to be.”, “Things I like to do”, “very delicious – very disgusting / totally embarrassing – totally cool” or “Have you ever eaten boogers?”, “---- rhymes with my name - ---- rhymes with your name”, “If I were an animal...”, etc. And because the creative aspect is never missing in the CHILDREN’S ARTISTS’ BOOKS, there are also 10 fun double page spreads where everyone can have their fun, including “Our most terrible curse words” and “Instructions for making friendship gift certificates”. There has never been such an ideal friendship book!