Meaning Oriented Coaching

Björn Migge

Meaning Oriented Coaching

1st ed. published 2016. 395 pages All rights available


Meaning Oriented Coaching

• The meaning of life as a topic in coaching and counselling
• What gives meaning and direction to life - in everyday life, at work, in difficult times?
• Practical book with basic principles for meaning oriented client support

More and more people are looking for "meaningful" alternatives and lifestyles. To find this, many of them go into coaching or counselling. In this book, Björn Migge has brought together some fundamental positions from logotherapy, existential philosophy and existential counselling: he shows how the positions, questions and images of different philosophical approaches can be transferred to the guidance formats of coaching and psychological counselling. Readers are constantly invited to have their own thoughts and discuss the points. As a result, the book is also ideal for home study.

Practical supplement to this basic textbook: "75 Picture Cards for Meaning Oriented Coaching".

Target group:
Coaches, psychosocial counsellors, chaplains, psychotherapists, anyone seeking meaning in life