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A declaration of love to the country of his childhood and to literature by the great storyteller

Sami and the Wish for Freedom

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Rafik Schami

Sami and the Wish for Freedom

Artwork by Philip Waechter

3rd ed. published 2017. 326 pages From the age of 14 years up Rights sold: France

Sami and the Wish for Freedom

Scharif tells the story of Sami, the story of his life in Syria and the story of his scars, which each have their own stories. He describes how he grew up in Damaskus with Sami, about their games, their friends and enemies. He remembers the growing resistance against the dictator, how they swore to take revenge when the wise letter carrier was murdered. And how, as computer experts, they managed to outwit the secret service again and again. Yet the day comes when they have to flee, and Sami has to leave the love of his life, Josephine, behind. Since then there has been no trace of him.