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Little money and big problems

Everything But Normal

Jörg Isermeyer

Everything But Normal

new 1st ed. published 2017. 213 pages From the age of 10 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

Everything But Normal

This is the story of Lukas and Jule. Lukas, who loves Star Wars and is terrorized by calls from his worried mother. And Jule, who Lukas is not sure what to make of.

Lukas is twelve years old, totally normal and... absolutely boring. He thinks. But that doesn’t really bother him – until he meets Jule. Jule, who has an answer for everything. Jule, who spies on strangers, and Jule, who makes up stories. But also Jule, who is constantly overstepping Lukas’ boundaries. Something about her is not quite right. Where does she live? Why is she always going somewhere? Lukas first learns the truth when the two of them are on the heels of some real bicycle thieves and find out that Jule’s brother is involved...

Jule’s departure was sudden and unexpected. I had expected objections, a round of swearing and cursing – but she just left me standing there! All my anger was disappeared from one second to the next. Jule’s mass of frizzy hair disappeared between the last people coming out of the school and I wasn’t able to think anything other than Bye! Over! The end!
I had my peace and quiet again.
Emptiness spread itself inside me. Not unpleasing. Was this the attitude one needed to take over the Power?
I took a deep breath.
I exhaled.
I felt light.
Yet at the same time, my legs started to walk after Jule. My upper body took them with it, and my head, too. Without thinking about it, I found myself in the middle of a manhunt.