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Fair for all! Sustainability is more than just “organic”

Sonja Eismann / Nina Lorkowski

Fair for all! Sustainability is more than just “organic”

Artwork by Rosa Linke

1st ed. published 2016. 160 pages From the age of 14 years up All rights available

Beltz & Gelberg

Fair for all! Sustainability is more than just “organic”

Zero waste activism, nutrition, Fair Trade – sustainable thinking and trade are on our minds at various levels. Together with journalists and activists, Sonja Eismann highlights global interrelations.

How do our preference for organic products, our solidarity with others and growth as a basic principle of capitalist economic systems all fit together? When talking about sustainability, the focus is increasingly being placed on how we deal with resources. In addition to ecological and economical implications, there are also social factors that determine our today and future. In order to take a closer look at the global interaction of the topic, experts from politics and industry have a chance to voice their opinions, but also bloggers, journalists and activists.

Contents: Energy utilization and consumption, waste production and disposal, food and textile industry, mobility, living and migration.