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Omnivore, super-nose, temperamental

I am the Wild Boar

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Katrin Wiehle

I am the Wild Boar

Artwork by Katrin Wiehle

new 1st ed. published 2021. 16 pages From the age of 4 years up Rights sold: the Netherlands • Natur entdecken vor der Haustür • Sympathieträger Wildschwein • Innen und außen 100% Natur

Beltz & Gelberg

I am the Wild Boar

Wild boars like living in rottings and it is quite turbulent there: the sow would like to wallow in the mud, but the little new-borns rush through the thicket. Warm-hearted illustrations and easy to understand short texts on seven pages explain what role the shaggy, grunting heavy-weights play in the forest.
Keeping environmental protection and sustainability in mind, this 100% natural book has been printed with soya colours on ecological cardboard.
Discovering nature on your doorstep
Inside and outside 100 % natural
Complex interrelationships are explained in an easily understandable way