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1st ed. published 2021. 100 pages All rights available

The centrepiece of systemic change processes in organisational development consists of working directly with multi-person systems. This card set focuses on those processes which take place within teams. To be able to accompany these processes of further development effectively, you need a well-founded strategy: a clearly framed work assignment, thorough diagnostics, effective questions, systemic interventions.
That is where this set of cards provides support. The cards are divided into four categories: Bridge, Diagnostics, Choreography and Integration. These categories correspond to the phases in the process, from the order clarification to questions of attitude to the choice of methods and the final balance.
• Application-oriented companion material for methodical work with teams in team organisation processes
• Practice-oriented thanks to specific questions, working hypotheses and reflection questionst o check which steps make the most sense
• 15 targeted systemic interventions for team organisation processes to bring a breath of fresh air to your process navigation