Quite invisible

Uma and the secret Super Power

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Lena Hach

Uma and the secret Super Power

Artwork by Marine Ludin

1st ed. published 2022. 60 pages From the age of 7 years up All rights available

Uma and the secret Super Power

Without meaning to, Uma constantly blends into the background. That sounds fancy, but in a family like hers, it is not a specially great trait.That changes when, during a class trip, Uma discovers a gecko that all the others overlook because of its camouflage. All of a sudden, it becomes clear to her : her weakness is not really a weakness at all!. After all, a person who can camouflage herself so well can use this ability secretly to help herself to some cake, to play a trick on others….
Narrated by Lena Hach, illustrated by Marine Ludin.

✹ Adventurous descriptions in words and pictures.
✹ Likeable characters who know how to help themselves
✹ Friends are the most important thing in the world!